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Robert G. Johnson received his Ph.D. from Iowa state University.   After a puzzle-solving career in industrial research, he joined the Department of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Minnesota to work on the mystery of past climate variations.  The American runestone controversy was just another perplexing problem with a solution that resulted from a joint ten year effort with daughter and co-author L.J. (Janey) Westin.  Johnson has published many research papers and one book: Secrets of the Ice Ages: the Role of the Mediterranean Sea in Climate Change (Glenjay Publishing, 2002).




Initially a professional calligrapher, Janey Westin pursued paleographic studies of medieval manuscripts, stone inscriptions, the structure of letter forms, and the tools and materials of the trade.  This work expanded into stone letter carving and sculpting.  She has carved letters smaller than an inch and up to two feet high in limestone, marble, granite, quartzite, bluestone, sandstone, slate and more.  Westin is a longstanding Portfolio member of the Colleagues of Calligraphy, her regional guild.  She has taught calligraphy, letter carving and sculpting at international calligraphy conferences, at stone sculpting symposiums in Colorado and Indiana, and at local venues in Minnesota.  Westin attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has a B.A. in Japanese from the University of Minnesota.  Her studio, Paper & Stone is located in Edina, Minnesota.

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  1. Dear Janey,

    After having an Icelandic researcher here in Exeter, R.I. this week with me, he is convinced that a church area has been found that is of Icelandic or Nordic origin. It is consists of a 97 foot stone circle with walls 2-3 feet in width and at least 18 inches high after the debris is removed.

    There is a 70 foot trench within this circle that faces East and West with openings at both ends of the stone wall. The width of the 70 foot trench appears to be about 12 feet. Also, there is a stone well and a 3X3X3 stone depression just outside the middle of these 70 ffot trench.

    Now, a little west of this stone wall and 70 foot trench( about 20 feet) is a 12 foot circular foundation, which is 4 feet deep. There is an 18 stone entrance to this 12 foot circular foundation, which faces 145*-150* True at the opening.

    Pictures can be sent to you to show you what we have located.


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