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“Epic in scope, insightful, imaginative, venturesome, and provocative—if this groundbreaking book about the Norse in America before Columbus does not cause a paradigm shift in your thinking, you need to check your pulse.”

—Herbert R. Cederberg, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of History, University of Wisconsin


“. . . Excavations in Greenland in the 1990’s at Gård Under Sandet of a farm complex also reveal contact with North America. . . .Excavators found fibers from bison and brown bear fur, which ‘suggest that these Greenlanders traveled to North America.’ . . . Coupled with the artifacts and trade materials found in the Canadian arctic, it seems increasingly likely that there was a larger Norse presence in North America than originally believed. Johnson and Westin suggest that we consider an even larger archaeological footprint.”

—From the Foreword by Dr. Marguerite Ragnow


“The Last Kings of Norse America explores a plausible 14th-century visit to North America by young Haakon VI, heir to the Norwegian crown. The authors weave excellent historical research and controversial Norse findings in North America with an in-depth linguistic study to present an adventure of

travel and tragedy.”

—Sue Carlson, editor and president of the New England Antiquities Research Association


“In The Last Kings of Norse America, authors R. G. Johnson and Janey Westin present the case for a vibrant presence of Norsemen in North America centuries before Columbus. By calling on linguistics, by extensive study of medieval Scandinavian history, by a working knowledge of stone calligraphy, by field work over several years, and most cogently, by application of the scientific method, they flesh out an obscure part of American history. The authors demonstrate meticulous care and logic, and the result is a fasc- inating read.”

—Roger A. MacDonald, MD, author of A Country Doctor’s Casebook, Minnesota Historical Society Press


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